Be aware of the Delta alert. Take the neighbors and relatives and get the vaccine

Be aware of the Delta alert. Take the neighbors and relatives and get the

This is the open mass vaccination week, where all citizens over the age of 18 can get the vaccine with just one ID card at any center. The Minister of Health, Manastirliu, addressed the citizens from Sukthi, calling for them to be vaccinated, due to the danger to the Delta variant that is spreading in Europe and the world. The Minister mentioned Tirana and Durrës when she said that we are not where we want.

"As much awareness as possible to neighbors, friends and relatives. We also anticipate the new variants that are seen circulating faster but the vaccine protects you a lot. Durrës is one of the cities when we should focus on increasing vaccine coverage. Even in Tirana with the high number of inhabitants we are not where we want to go. The aim is to alternate vaccination through mobile units. There is more access to citizens who have not yet managed to be vaccinated. This week, which is an open week, creates the opportunity to increase vaccination coverage. With the Delta alert it is a good moment for awareness and for us to protect our health and that of our family first. It is not only the responsibility of the structures but of every citizen. Vaccination, vaccination are the key words. "The Delta variant has increased the transmissibility", tha ajo.

In Albania, the two doses of the vaccine have made 470 thousand citizens. The Minister said that the responsibility for vaccination should be on every citizen.

"And in our country we have an increase in cases that leads to an increase in hospitalizations. It is important to continue the vaccination process at a high pace. More than 470 thousand citizens have been vaccinated with both doses. We have vaccines for the whole population. Family doctors are doing a very good job of alerting citizens. Our focus will be on these cities where vaccine coverage is not very high. Do not leave the vaccination for tomorrow. "Without any hesitation to go door to door to every citizen."

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