Everyone must confirm the correct residential address otherwise they will not be able to get services at the civil offices

Everyone must confirm the correct residential address otherwise they will not be

Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi has called on citizens to confirm their exact residential addresses otherwise they will not be able to access civil services. Self-declaration can be done in "eAlbania" or at the civil offices near the municipalities.

"He will not receive a certificate if he does not confirm the address according to the unique system. Thus, we will extend this obligation to other services as well. This important process of the relationship with the city and the state is completed. Once specified the address will be linked to the national civil registry. As all data is given, the address section will also include the address. The certificate will have the exact address of every Albanian citizen.

Every Albanian citizen today is easily identified with this address. So I ask in the first place from all of us, from all of you who are here, from the mayors a maximum commitment to close this important process. But even citizens spend only two minutes to establish a correct relationship, to perform a civic obligation to specify his address where he lives. Very soon we will condition this process with the provision of services. "But we do not want to get to that point because we believe that Albanians have the conscience to dedicate two minutes to their commitment to establish a more accurate relationship with their country," said Cuci.

To change the address, make sure you have mobile internet and log in to the e-Albania platform on google or if you have the application you can access it.

You must enter your details, card ID and password (if you are not registered you must register once).

After logging in to the "search" option, look for Application for change / verification of residence and then click the use option to use the service.
This service enables citizens to specify or change their place of residence.

Necessary documentation

Documents submitted by the applicant: - Document proving the ownership / use of the apartment.

Procedure steps

- Log in as a citizen on the e-Albania portal; - Select the service "Application for change / specification of residence"; - Click the button "Use"; - Fill in the required data in the form related to the new address of residence. find at the National Register of Addresses http://adresari.mb.gov.al/map/; - Upload the necessary accompanying documentation and click the "Send" button; - If you want to use another email, you must change it in the "My Space" section by clicking: Change account details.

Time required to receive the service

24 hours from the moment of application

Validity period

No Term