Now it is the turn of these workers to be vaccinated

Now it is the turn of these workers to be vaccinated

The vaccination package is being expanded again, including employees of critical services and institutions in direct contact with citizens.

Here is what the Minister of Health says:

"We have carried out more than 900 thousand vaccinations. The rhythm is pretty good, but we have even more opportunities to increase this rhythm, in order to achieve a vaccine coverage as high as possible. The combined vaccination plan is ongoing with critical institutions such as OSHEE, transport, water supply and institutions which have direct contact with citizens, such as municipalities, such as ADISA service center and other institutions which are included in the plan. of vaccination. "Despite the fact that we are in a very controlled situation of the epidemic in the country, this does not mean that we should reduce the vigilance, much less the pace of vaccination."

The vaccination process is being carried out according to all safety and quality parameters by trained vaccination teams across the country.

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