Albanological studies are transferred to the Academy of Sciences! The decision was taken today at the government meeting

Albanological studies are transferred to the Academy of Sciences! The decision

The government has approved the draft decision for the transfer of the institutes of the Academy of Albanian Studies to the Academy of Sciences, where they will function autonomously again.

In a statement to the media, after the government meeting, the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi, said that the findings after the inspection of the Academy of Albanian Studies showed that this institution had committed serious legal violations by not functioning as an institution of higher education.

"ASA, even though it was continuously supported, failed to reorganize itself to comply with the law. The Ministry continued with an inspection and a number of problems of serious legal irregularities were found. Both in the field of structure and in terms of administrative and financial functioning.

I can mention to you some of the most fundamental violations: the ASA that we are talking about today has not had a faculty, which is the first legal obligation. They have no faculty and in none of its component units, there is no teaching, which makes it impossible to continue functioning as a Higher Education institution. It is unaccredited, it has never been accredited while other institutions have been accredited 2 or 3 times. Non-accreditation of study programs makes it impossible to issue diplomas. Because accreditation guarantees quality. Meanwhile, a few years ago ASA issued diplomas, committing another violation. On the other hand, ASA has not registered any students for 8 years. There are a number of arguments that make the existence of ASA as a Higher Education institution impossible.

We have a decision where the violations and irregularities are great, so today, by decision of the Council of Ministers, we are reorganizing this Academy by reorganizing its institutes under the Academy of Sciences. The personnel and all are transferred to the Academy of Sciences," said the minister.