SPAK closes investigations into Police uniforms. 10 Interior Ministry officials are brought to trial

SPAK closes investigations into Police uniforms. 10 Interior Ministry officials

SPAK has closed investigations into defendants EN; Flutura Çekrezi; Anisa Bogdani; AM; AO; FD; KH; KB; MB; GM, charged with the criminal offense "Violation of the equality of participants in public tenders or auctions", provided by Article 258, 25 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania.

From the administered acts it has resulted that on the 11.05.2020 in the Agency of Concentrated purchases in the Ministry of Interior was procured the procurement procedure on behalf of the Contracting Authority, the General Directorate of State Police, with object “Purchase and distribution of uniforms and State Police shoes ”, for 4 years, with a limit fund of 2,800,347,570 (two billion eight hundred million three hundred forty seven thousand five hundred and seventy) ALL (excluding VAT).

The investigation has resulted in illegal actions committed by: the head of the Central Purchasing Body, Director of the Concentrated Purchasing Agency, EN, in cooperation with the members of the Procurement Unit F.Ç .; AB; AO; KH; AM; as well as members of the UN Bid Evaluation Commission; FD; MB and GM, who, contrary to the public procurement rules, have favored the merger of the legal entities declared winners contrary to the public procurement rules, resulting in violation of the freedom of tender participants and the creation of unfair advantages for third parties.

How did the story of the uniform tender start and what are the detainees accused of?

The story begins in 2019 when on November 5 the procedure for the tender for the purchase of State Police uniforms was opened. The object of the tender was "Purchase and distribution of uniforms and shoes of the State Police", for 4 years (2019-2022). The value of the tender was left at the same value every year, but the number of items changed. Occasionally, clothing and accessories were canceled. A total of 239,985 fewer items were ordered. In other words, based on the quantity and total value of the tender, 1 police hat was bought for 350 euros.