We are not worried about possible Russian-Chinese influences. The issue of Kosovo, the last problem still unresolved

We are not worried about possible Russian-Chinese influences. The issue of

Albania is not worried about possible influences from China and Russia, because Europe is our trust and our free choice. This was said by Prime Minister Edi Rama in an interview with Radio Television of Spain, RTVE. He was asked about the EU's concerns regarding the Western Balkans and the possible influence of China and Russia. Prime Minister Rama replied:

-One of the EU concerns concerning the Western Balkans is the influence of both Russia and China.

Edi Rama: The Western Balkans is surrounded by European borders. We are an organ of the body of Europe and at the same time we are isolated from the same body, something that does not make sense and is not the most appropriate thing for the security or the future of Europe, so that this part of the body is not integrated, if it is a gray area as to say where other actors can have their play. We, Albania at least, do not worry about these possible influences because Europe is our faith and it is our free choice.

Meanwhile, when asked about the Kosovo issue and tensions with Serbia, Rama said that they are part of the process:

Tensions are part of the process, we can not expect a peace process to move smoothly without tensions, the good news is that tensions dissolve as both sides try to find the necessary solutions for the people. So it is no longer like in the past, there is a difference that now we have regional cooperation, with numerous meetings, summits, round trips. The issue of Kosovo is the last open problem still unresolved, and without a doubt the recognition of Kosovo as a sovereign state is the last chapter of the painful history of the former Yugoslavia.

* Tiranapost.al.