Fraud scheme in Tirana with computer interference and fictitious companies: 4 arrested, two of them foreign

Fraud scheme in Tirana with computer interference and fictitious companies: 4

The State Police has shown the case of a fraud scheme in the capital, but which turns out to be widespread in several states. It is learned that 4 people have been arrested, two of them foreigners with false documents who cheated on behalf of fictitious companies and by interfering in computer systems, extorting money from various clients. Tirana Prosecutor Elisabeta Imeraj showed details from the operation, with the judicial police officer.

Elisabeta Imeraj: "It has grown to finalize an important operation after intensive investigations, arresting 4 people involved in a fraud scheme with high values, due to the importance of the operation and the interests affected and the consequences of income, we are today to announce the results of the operation.

4 arrested, 2 Albanians and foreigners, fraud with great values ??is problematic that affects the Albanian society as a criminal activity, including alienation, manipulation, change of computer data by entering various accounts, with computer crime. There are two foreign citizens with forged documents staying in Albania.

For details, the judicial police officer will explain the operation, the fraud scheme, the data obtained from the investigation and the moments in which we refer to the messages conveyed to the public so as not to fall prey to fraudulent schemes:

The investigation started in 2020, the cybercrime investigation unit registered two criminal proceedings.

-He stopped a 34 year old

-Nigerian and Cameroonian, resident in Tirana.

-Resident in Tirana, in Kombinat.

8 foreign nationals are wanted. Another citizen was prosecuted. It is suspected that in cooperation they have set up a payment fraud via email through the creation of fictitious commercial entities. Customers paid by email. They interfered with the computer system. They have contacted the client by extending as the host client claiming that changes have been made and they have to make payment at other addresses.

Once the values ??were transferred to the accounts created by them, they withdrew them and sent them out.

Word Wiede trading limited.

US citizens have been affected. Germany England, Belgium, Finland, Philippines.

The monetary values ??obtained as a result of this scheme are returned to the entities minimizing the damages.