The situation with the fires/ Today, four active fires

The situation with the fires/ Today, four active fires

During the last 24 hours, 21 fires were reported.

In the field, it became possible to completely isolate and extinguish the outbreaks in the village of Pecë, municipality of Finiq, neighborhood no. 1 of Sarandë city, Rromës village and Drashovicë village, Selenicë municipality, Ruzhdie village, Patos municipality, Daullas village, Fier municipality, Balshaj village, Malësi e Madhem municipality, Rrapë village, Pukë municipality, Gjoricë village, Bulqizë municipality, Qerret and Village Luz i Vogël, Kavajë municipality, Picar village and in Kodër-Vorë neighborhood, Vorë municipality, Façesh village and Vilëz village, Tirana municipality, in the place called "Ura e Dajlanit", Durrës municipality and in Metallë village, Shijak municipality.

Active foci are in:

Postribë village, Shkodër municipality.

In the place called "Black Lake", the municipality of Mat.

Dragobi village, Tropoja municipality.

Shetaj village, Durrës municipality.