The situation with the fires/ 20 fires have been extinguished. There are 6 active in these areas

The situation with the fires/ 20 fires have been extinguished. There are 6

During the last 24 hours, 26 fires were reported. 20 are turned off. 6 are still active.

The Ministry of Defense has made the update.

Fires were extinguished in:

Bërzane village, Lezhë municipality.
Bogové village, Skrapar municipality.
Drenovicë village, Dimal municipality.
Culaj village, nj, Malësi e Madhe municipality.
Oblikë village and at the train station, Shkodër municipality.
Kishe-Arrë village, Karmë village, Bushat village and Kosmaqe village, Vau-Dejës municipality.
In Mehaj neighborhood, Koplik municipality.
To the north of the Këlcyre reservoir, Këlcyre municipality.
Mekat village and Lezhan village, Vlorë municipality.
In Malin e Grava, Finiq municipality.
Mustafa Kocaj village, Tirana municipality.
Otllak administrative unit, Berat municipality.
Shetaj village, Durrës municipality.
On the hill near Luz Church, Krujë municipality.
In the "black field", Belsh municipality.

They are still active in:

In the village of Velçan, in the "Mare" wood forest, Berat municipality.
In the village of Bogë, the municipality of Malësi e Madhe.
The fire in the village of Ndrshen, Orosh administrative unit, Mirditë Municipality, where work is continuing for complete isolation.
In the village of Qukës Skënderbej, Gramsh municipality, near the Dardhë-Xhyre Reserve, where the fire has fallen on an area with pine and beech forests.
In the village of Halil, in the protected area of ??Zgërdhesh, Krujë Municipality, where the intervention by helicopter from the air continues, apart from the work of the forces on the ground.
In the village of Leminot, Maliq Municipality, where two fires have been located and work is being done to extinguish them.