How was Enkelejd Alibeaj's departure from the leadership of the DP commented on?

How was Enkelejd Alibeaj's departure from the leadership of the DP

The resignation of Enkelejd Alibeaj from the position of the commanding chairman of the Democratic Party after the departure of Lulzim Basha has brought reactions especially in the ranks of the Democrats.

The first to react was the General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi, who explained that after the departure of Alieaj, Jorida Tabaku is expected to take the place until the election of the new chairman of the Democratic Party.

"I have called to an urgent working meeting to discuss the situation the Vice President of the Party Jorida Tabaku, to assess the implementation of Article 46 of the Statute, in this transitional period. According to Article 46 of the Statute, in the prolonged absence of the chairman and with his authorization, one of them replaces the Chairman. In the absence of this authorization, including cases of resignation of the President, the General Secretary convenes the National Council, which commands the Vice-President who will lead the Party until the return of the President to office or the election of the new President," wrote Bardhi.

There were also reactions from Reestablishment.

"Now that Enkelejdi gave his "resignation", I make a public appeal to Jorida Tabak, Gazment Bardhi and several other deputies, bring the seal to headquarters. Mission completed! At least let's start the revival with the seal and logo of hundreds of thousands of democrats who are desperate today!" writes Harxhi.

Even journalists and analysts have reacted by interpreting it in different ways.

"I respect his act, I see that he has left the chair but not the arena of efforts for a Euro-Atlantic and national PD that survived under his leadership, with considerable support that allows him to rise again. Those tens of thousands of votes that were cast for the Democratic Party are pure votes for an internal conviction that is the western orientation of the Democratic Party", declared publicist Preç Zogaj.

"I see a maneuver for DP to plunge into the crisis that is the leadership. This one comes and makes a statement, like Charcani and runs away. What scares me is that at this moment that he left, that for me it is not a resignation, he gave a date for the election of the new president. This party must make an election today," said analyst Genc Burimi.

"Alibeaj's act should be hailed as a positive step that shows that PD can be a party where leaders are held accountable for their decisions and failures. But the same responsibility must be held by the rest of the party leadership," said Jonila Godole.