How to react when someone makes offensive comments about your body

How to react when someone makes offensive comments about your body
Too fat, too thin, too long, too short, weight loss, chubby cheeks, etc. are just some of the judgments given by the people around us. They somehow think it's their right because of the "freedom of speech" factor. But no! No one has the right to put you in such a position. Here are some tips on how to react when people, including people you know, offend you about your body!

When foreigners comment

If unrelated people comment on your body, first be confident about your body and then if ignoring is not your strength, then say "I like it the way it is, thank you", or you can say it's not work Theirs. You can also call the person outside, but keep the tone in check.

Insults to the body in the family

Many of us have culprits who offend about the body at home. Our parents, siblings, or other relatives think it's okay to call you healthy. To deal with them, you have to really love yourself first and not let their comments hurt you. In response, you keep your words clean by saying "I like the way I am, thank you for your concern".

In the Internet

The Internet can be a vicious world. People really have nothing else to do and hate on the internet has become very common. The first step here should be not to respond to them, just ignore them. If you really want to respond, use sarcasm!