How did we get here! Turkish school leaders explain why the government shutdown may have happened

How did we get here! Turkish school leaders explain why the government shutdown

The "Mehmet Akif" school of the Gulistan Foundation will continue teaching following the legal battle with the Albanian state. This is something that becomes clear in the leaders' announcement after the news about the government's decision to close it down.

"Having faced such a decision, with the full conviction that justice will speak its word. The Gulistan Foundation will follow all legal procedures to enable the normal continuity of the educational activity," said the statement distributed to the media.

The announcement also gives the managers' version of the reasons for closing the school:

At the end of the 2021-2022 academic year, we felt compelled to change the building near Rruga e Kavaja in Tirana to another one in the Mzezet area, Kashar (former "Aldent" University building).

In order to turn this building into an environment worthy of our standards, we acted according to the legal provisions by notifying the Ministry of Education and also obtained permission to carry out works from local government institutions.

During this period, until the end of August, we have had regular inspections and correspondence with the responsible authorities and we have not encountered any problems and have not been informed of anything that is not going well with the continuation of work normally.

On September 14 of this year, a working group of the Ministry of Education appeared near our school to carry out inspections on the legality of the activity.

Surprisingly, today, September 22, we were notified by mail by the Ministry of Education that our institution does not meet the criteria for the continuation of the activity.

In the document we see that this finding was made on September 13, while the last inspection was made on September 14.