What will be done in cases of minor accidents from July 1, this is the form

What will be done in cases of minor accidents from July 1, this is the form

The Financial Supervision Authority has drafted and issued for public consultation the "European Accident Report". It is a document through which a quick indemnity will be given by the insurance company in cases where the damage from the accident is estimated at up to 30 thousand ALL.

After the consultation process, the form / document will be approved by the Board of the Authority and is expected to be used after July 1 of this year, with the entry into force of the new law. According to data from insurance companies, about 30-35% of damages in cases of road accidents are in small amounts, usually up to 30 thousand new lek.

According to the current law "On compulsory insurance in the transport sector" have been treated by insurance companies based on standard procedures within 30 days of receiving the claim for compensation, as well as by completing a series of documents, including the record of the violation by the Traffic Police.

To avoid bureaucratic procedures, or police fines, there are cases where some drivers involved in the accident, do not report and do not claim compensation to the insurance company, but choose between the parties involved.

The new law "On compulsory insurance in the transport sector", which enters into force on July 1 this year, includes for the first time in Albania the practice known as the "European Accident Report".

This means that by filling out and signing the special form (European Accident Report, the drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident agree to resolve the event amicably.

This report signed by the two drivers means that the accident occurred according to the circumstances, modalities and consequences reflected in the form.

This report is attached to the request for compensation, which according to legal changes, from July 1 will not be treated within 30 days by the company, but for 14 days from the date of submission of documentation.

Abc News has published the model template, as follows:

What will be done in cases of minor accidents from July 1, this is the form

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