20 fires are extinguished. 2 remain active

20 fires are extinguished. 2 remain active

The Ministry of Defense has made public the update on the situation of the fires.

Fireplaces that have been turned off:

Panaja village, Kropishte village and Delisuf village, Vlorë municipality.
Rehovo village, Poliçan municipality.
Poshnje village, Dimal municipality.
Bogë village and Reç village, Malësi e Madhe
municipality, Bërdicë village, Shkodër municipality.
In neighborhood no. 1, Kavaja municipality.
Fushë Prezë village, Vorë municipality.
In the villages of Frashtan, Lugar, Grapsh and Goranxi village, Dropull municipality.
In the neighborhood "Granic", Gjirokastër municipality.
Veliqot village, Tepelen municipality.
Rubjekë village, Shijak municipality.
In the former SMT neighborhood, Devoll municipality.
Kamunah village, Cërrik municipality.
Seman village and Portëz village, Fier municipality.
Cukas village, Lushnje municipality.
Margelliç village, Patos municipality.

Currently, the foci are active in:

Pecë village, Finiq municipality, despite the intervention made by the operational forces yesterday and during the night, it was not possible to extinguish this fire. Today, in the early hours of the morning, the operation started from the ground with the operational forces supported by the air with a Cougar helicopter at the Ministry of Defense.

Postribë village, Shkodër municipality, this hearth has a low intensity, work is being done to remove it.