Negotiations can be opened to Albania

Negotiations can be opened to Albania

Following a face-to-face meeting with European Council President Charles Michel, a joint press conference was held.

Rama opened the speech by presenting all the topics he discussed with President Charles, including the issue of opening negotiations. Charles on the other hand said that Albania has met all the conditions to obtain the status of candidate country.

Rama: We talked with President Michel about the general situation, the commitments and challenges in relation to the war in Ukraine. We talked about the process, on the eve of the European Council, where Albania and Northern Macedonia are on the agenda to be discussed. We talked about the Open Balkans, about all the internal challenges of the region and of course about the reforms, starting with the one in justice, which is bearing significant fruit.

Michel: We are working to give concrete results. In June we will have a meeting with 27 leaders and representatives from Albania and the region. Albania has met all the conditions for the opening of negotiations, so they should be opened as soon as possible.