Albania blocks the bird embargo from these 14 countries

Albania blocks the bird embargo from these 14 countries

Three days after the confirmation of bird flu in Albania, the government has imposed bird embargoes from 14 countries, they are: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Italy.

This means that Albania will not allow the entry through the transit of live domestic and wild birds, 24-hour birds, ornamental birds or their materials as well as products such as meat, eggs or any of their by-products from the aforementioned countries.

In the mentioned countries there are areas which have become foci of virus, which can threaten biosafety. Currently in Albania, four outbreaks have been confirmed, in which the birds affected by H5N8 have been destroyed.

On June 8, the first three fires were confirmed: in Fushë-Krujë, Bujan and Dajt. While two days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that the number of outbreaks has increased by six, which again belong to the area of ??central Albania: Garunj, Shijak, Luzi i Vogël, Suç Bërzhita, Paskuqani.

The appeal of the National Veterinary and Plant Protection Authority to the citizens is the observance of the protocols and conditions of protection of the birds so that they are not contaminated by this virus.

Director Tana Kika told the media that:

"It is essential that these residents who keep birds in open spaces, to avoid the possibility of contact of birds with each other or with wild birds, but also to minimize trade and for this the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has issued an order which restricts and prohibits the trade of poultry in open spaces and in livestock markets. "Close contact, disregard for hygiene criteria and standards after touching live or dead birds, can definitely be a risk."

However, European experts in Albania have said that this type of flu is not a risk to public health, but called for caution with cooking.

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