Mental health pushed Çalaman to take the life of the 8-year-old? Expertise whitens: no mental problems

Mental health pushed Çalaman to take the life of the 8-year-old?

The preliminary expertise of the monstrous murderer Klodian Çalamani has given an answer this Friday to the question that many citizens of our country, who may have been rightly shocked by the crime in Fier, where the 38-year-old took the life of a minor boy. Does the criminal suffer from mental health? Jo!

According to the expertise in the Vlora detention center, Klodian Çalamani, the killer of an 8-year-old child in Greçalli, Fier, does not suffer from mental health problems.

Çalamani spoke with complete composure about the murder of Mateo Vasiu, 8 years old, both in the detention facilities and in the Fier Police at the moment he was arrested.

"Klodian Çalamani does not have mental health problems", it is said in the expertise done to the 38-year-old, learns the journalist Elton Qyno.

The day before, the Court of Fier imposed the security measure "Prison arrest", in absentia, for the murderer of the child. Authorities found it reasonable that the killer should not face trial, as a precautionary measure against attacks by angry family members and citizens.

Relatives of the late Mateo have also taken the initiative to sign a petition to convict the detainee for the macabre crime of hanging, which has received widespread support.

Due to the serious crime and the fact that he took the life of a child, Çalamani was transported to Vlora Prison, where he was placed in isolation. Law enforcement has taken this measure to avoid a possible attack by family members and other prisoners.