Chief of Toxicology: Snake bite emergencies have increased, what to do in these cases

Chief of Toxicology: Snake bite emergencies have increased, what to do in these

Emergencies from the bites of snakes or other venomous insects have recently increased. This was said by the head of the Toxicology service, Andrin Tahiri, who adds that about 4 patients are treated daily with biological poisoning, mainly from snake bites.

In an interview with ABC, he says:

'This period has an influx, in this period we have had over 3-4 cases but the good news is that there is support from anti-poison. We expect growth in July, August and September and if the case is not assessed, it could be fatal. The black spider is another factor, and studies say its toxin is 15 times more potent than snake venom '.

The doctor says that the treatment with folk remedies remains a concern in these cases. He says citizens often prefer herbal remedies or teas, and knife-cutting methods, but that can be fatal.

"Many cases come to us with the mentality of folk remedies such as knife cracking or whatever, where it is said to extract the poison, inhale it or I do not know what other ways, but that endanger the patient's life."

But what should a person who has just been bitten or bitten do? The doctor gives the advice:

"He should try to get closer as soon as possible to the health centers where he will receive first aid and of course in that center there should be some criteria. In a health center there should be qualified staff who have experience for this, have a laboratory 24 hours because the toxic effects of toxins are different. "Keeping the anti-poison, the second step is transportation to a nearby hospital."

He adds that if not treated quickly and properly in cases of scorpion-like bites, it can be fatal for life.

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