Salary increase for teachers in 2024

Salary increase for teachers in 2024P

The Minister of Education and Sports Ogerta Manastirliu has presented to the Commission for Education and Public Information the draft law "On the Budget of the Year 2024" for education and sports, which is expected to reach the value of 52 billion 223 million ALL.

Manastirliu emphasized that the next year's budget foresees a salary increase for teachers, as well as for psycho-social workers and school security officers.

"The 2024 budget will support the salary increase of over 30,000 teachers in the service of about 300,000 students who attend public education and 1,700 assistant teachers, in support of children with special abilities, for increasing their academic level, while it is foreseen for this number to be increased by 100 new employees. Support will also be guaranteed for 850 psycho-social workers and 220 security officer workers in schools", said the minister.

Among other things, the minister emphasized that with the new budget, school books will be given free of charge to 231,000 students from grades I - 9, as well as to about 18,000 students from the needy social strata attending upper secondary education. The 2024 budget will provide free transportation during the year for over 38,000 students and 12,000 teachers. The 2024 budget will support about 3,600 students of pre-university education from social strata in need.

Manastirliu said that investments will continue intensively in school facilities and within the 2023-2024 cycle, investments in 30 new schools will be completed. According to her, the 2024 budget will provide support with scholarships for about 3,600 students from needy families attending pre-university education.