License renewal / These drivers will not be retested

License renewal / These drivers will not be retested

The Director of Albanian Road Transport Blendi Goxhja has clarified the procedure of the Educational Pit Stop for drivers of vehicles for the renewal of the driving license. He says that from this rule will be excluded the correct drivers, who are with full points and all those who are without serious violations repeated during the last year.

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We feel sorry for all those who flock to the counters of DPSHTRR for the premature renewal of their driving license for absurd and misunderstood fears that it will not catch the Educational Pit-Stop, as a novelty of our service that will start soon! Scenes that prove to us that there are many individuals who scare themselves, to whom as a category we have touched the right veins!

While a positive indicator is the fact that the innovation of the Educational Pit-Stop has shaken many individuals who have years without renewing the driving license and who continued to drive road vehicles with expired driving licenses, contrary to the law!

The feedback confirms that we are doing the right thing with the Educational Pit-Stop!

DPSHTRR has been clear in all public communications regarding the novelty of an Educational Pit-Stop at the time of application for renewal of driving license:

There is no Educational Pit-Stop, there is no procedure change for the correct drivers of road vehicles! So for all those who are with full points and without three serious offenses repeated in the last previous year!

There will be an Educational Pit-Stop for anyone who is alerted by the Traffic Police system as a recurring contingent, with three serious violations, with points being deducted, in the last previous year!

There will be an Educational Pit-Stop for anyone renewing their Driving License if it has expired over three years!

(There are no additional fees for those who will undergo the Educational Pit-Stop!)

Each applicant who renews the Driving License will receive as a gift from DPSHTRR an informative, orienting, advisory booklet on basic traffic situations and notions and care for third parties in circulation!