Bad weather returns, here are the counties where intense rain is expected

Bad weather returns, here are the counties where intense rain is expected

The entire territory of Albania, starting from this Tuesday, is expected to be affected by the rain. But from Wednesday the rains will intensify even further in some regions of the country.

The National Civil Protection Agency has indicated that these counties will be most at risk from the rain: Kukës, Dibër, Lezhë, Durrës and Tirana.

Civil Defense Notice:

Rainfall is expected to affect some parts of our country.

The forecast by the experts of the Institute of Geosciences shows that during the next day, 17.04.2024, occasional rains of low and locally average intensity are expected in most of the territory from midnight. In the early hours of the day, rain is predicted in the form of rapid downpours and occasional storms with discharges, which in short time intervals appear problematic in the Northwest as well as partially along the Western Lowlands and the coastline.

· ⚠️⛈️The amount of rainfall is expected to be intense to locally very intense in the region of Shkodra.

· 📍In the districts of Kukës, Dibër, Lezhë, Durrës and Tirana, intense rainfall is expected.

· 📍In the districts of Elbasan and Vlorë, moderate to locally intense rainfall is expected.

· Rainfall of low to moderate intensity is expected in other districts.

📍 In Shkodër, Kukës, Dibër and Lezhë counties, there may be rapid floods of small mountain rivers and landslides. In urban areas, localized flooding problems may occur in these counties, depending on the condition of the sewers.

⚠️On 18.04.2023, occasional rains of low to medium intensity are predicted in most of the territory.

At this time, the municipalities should mobilize the structures of the Civil Defense system, as well as the institutions that have in their administration the reservoirs, the reservoirs, the road infrastructure, the electricity supply, the water supply, the river level monitoring and any other structure that is in operation. of civil emergency management.

We remind you that the safety of every citizen is a priority. If you encounter an emergency situation, please take care of yourself and others. The emergency number 08000911 is ready to help you and provide you with real-time advice.