Record of infections in Tirana during 24 hours. The most affected areas in the country

Record of infections in Tirana during 24 hours. The most affected areas in the
High number of infections during 24 hours in Tirana. The Ministry of Health announces that in the capital are registered 1120 infected, while in the whole country 2179.

Tirana is the area most affected by Covid, while after Tirana is ranked Durrës.

Cases for the last 24 hours by municipalities: 1120 in Tirana, 118 in Durrës, 93 in Shkodra, 89 in Elbasan, 65 in Gjirokastra, 60 in Vlora, 59 in Fier, 44 in Lushnje, 40 in Berat, 38 in Saranda, 36 in Kamza, 35 in Kurbin, out of 24 citizens in Kruja, Mat, 23 in Korça, 19 in Tepelena, out of 18 citizens in Pogradec, Vora, out of 17 citizens in Lezha, Devoll, 16 in Gramsh, out of 14 citizens in Kavaja, Skrapar, 13 in Mallakastër, 12 in Dibër, 10 in Librazhd, from 9 citizens in Kuçovë, Malësi e Madhe, from 8 citizens in Mirditë, Divjakë, Cerrik, from 7 citizens in Prrenjas, Belsh, Himara, Shijak, from 6 citizens in Kukës, Patos, Selenica, Përmet, from 5 citizens in Peqin, Tropoja, Puka, Vau i Dejës, from 4 citizens in Has, Kolonjë, from 3 citizens in Memaliaj, Këlcyrë, Delvinë, from 2 citizens in Roskovec, Finiq, Maliq, Dimal, Poliçan, from 1 citizen in Konispol, Klos.

The battle with COVID was lost by 7 citizens. "In the last 24 hours, despite the efforts of the medical staff, there are seven lives lost with SARS-COV2 positive: a 43-year-old citizen from Lushnja, three citizens from Tirana aged 50-71, a citizen from Saranda 74, a citizen from Mallakastër 77 years old, a citizen from Durrës 82 years old ”.