Ilir Beqja reacts for the first time: I have reservations about the decision, but I will not complain

Ilir Beqja reacts for the first time: I have reservations about the decision,

Ilir Beqja reacted for the first time, after the measures taken against him by SPAK.

Beqja says that she was contacted about the re-opening of the investigations on the issue of sterilization, how the decision was given and she expresses reservations about it, even though she will not appeal.

Ilir Beqja reacts for the first time: I have reservations about the decision,

"Yesterday evening, immediately after my return from a business trip abroad, I was contacted by SPAK/BKH officers, who requested my appearance in their premises, to communicate and deliver a copy of the decision dated 16.11.2023 , of the special judge, Mr. Erjon Bani, given on the basis of the request made by the Prosecution body itself, through which it was decided that for the needs of criminal proceedings No. 13 of 2020, which is related to the case called sterilization, the insurance measure "obligation to appear at the Judicial Police" and "prohibition of leaving the country" was taken against me.

Although I have serious reservations regarding some aspects of the decision in question and my lawyers, in identifying a series of procedural and material violations that at this stage of the process have suggested that I appeal this decision, I have decided not to appeal this decision and I willingly submit to the requirements and guarantees that this investigative process requires for its normal and orderly development. My willingness to clarify the truth of this matter as soon as possible goes beyond the limitations of my personal freedoms and even beyond a normal time frame, already several years.
In addition, in order to guarantee the integrity of the investigative process and to avoid any possible misinterpretation of my influence as an official in this process, I have also decided to terminate my current engagement as head of the State Agency for Strategic Programming and Aid Coordination.

I hope this matter is resolved quickly and thoroughly, putting justice and truth above any bias and political attacks. I firmly believe that what we achieved with sterilization was a necessity and the best possible thing we could do in achieving such an ambitious objective as caring for the health of Albanians. I strongly believe that at the end of this process, my name will be finally cleared of any unfounded accusations", writes Beqja.

Beqja is accused of corruption, abuse of office and violation of equality in tenders. The former minister has been banned from leaving the country until the investigation is completed.