Rama cordial meeting with his critical priest in Rrëshen

Rama cordial meeting with his critical priest in Rrëshen

Today Prime Minister Rama posted a meeting from a high school in Rrëshen. Among those who had come out to wait, the presence of priest Dom Gjergji stood out.

📍Rrëshen - In the vocational school

📍Rrëshen - In the vocational school where, thanks to the commitment of the Catholic Church and the admirable passion of Dom Gjergj Meta, a well-organized system has been created for studies in Hospitality - Tourism, Electrotechnics, IT, Vehicle and Transport Services, Installers of Hydrosanitary Systems for girls and boys. from Kurbini, Lezha, Fushë-Kruja, Mati, Kukësi, Bulqiza, Dibra and where the government will be involved in a public-private partnership with the church, with a necessary investment to expand the school's capacity, as well as to create optimal conditions living space for students, between the spaces of education, study, physical education, entertainment, sleep and food👷 🇦🇱

Posted by Edi Rama on Sunday, March 3, 2024

The latter in his public appearances, but also his writings, where most of them are about social issues and are excellent analyses, have attracted attention as he is the only one who has taken positions and made political appeals, even during the election campaigns. The media priest has been direct and harsh in his attitudes towards the direction of the country by the socialists and by Rama.

Today, Dom Gjergji attracts attention, as he came out to greet Prime Minister Rama with a smile at one of the secondary schools in Rrëshen.

In one of the writings, the priest Dom Gjergj Meta raised the alarm for young people who are being forced by politics to leave Albania.

Meanwhile, we do not know how many students study in this school, nor if the prime minister had the opportunity to hear more from Dom Gjergj Meta about the phenomenon of young people leaving Albania. The Prime Minister is known for his ability to make his own critics according to the occasion and place.