Rama explains how the satellites that will control crime will work

Rama explains how the satellites that will control crime will work

Prime Minister Rama clarified today the statement yesterday in the rostrum of the Assembly where he said that Albania will send satellites into space.

"Be patient, laugh because laughter is health and does good to everyone. Albania will have satellites and will soon have them to strengthen control over its territory, there will be intelligent drones that will help us to take the country to another level in terms of administration of its territory. These are tools of a new technology that guarantee a monitoring of the territory for many things, from the borders, to the constructions that are carried out in the territory, to the monitoring of the information that the state structures need for the fight against trafficking. Definitely to bring to fruition the efforts for the cultivation of narcotic plants, for the crops of agriculture and of course to qualitatively fight organized crime. Having at your disposal this arsenal to develop relations in the territory that are often compromised by inspectors, corrupt employees. We will not do anything that happens for the first time in Albania. You do not need to be a super developed country to make an epochal leap. Albania will have its own satellites, it will have them quickly, as well as intelligent drones, and it will exponentially increase its territorial defense capacities.

Use of tools for issues related to the country's civil affairs and the fight against organized crime. They will not be for military matters.

Let me tell you that satellites also connect to water 24 hours a day, what do you say? All together, the idea since we do not have water 24 hours throughout the territory, we should not have satellites for the territory is wrong. We will have full control over the environment. We need intelligent eyes of a capacity that exceeds human capacity to have real-time information on the control of our territory ", declared Rama.