Rama for hotel prices in the south: Easier to go to Greece or Croatia than to Dhërmi

Rama for hotel prices in the south: Easier to go to Greece or Croatia than to

In the meeting with the mayors of the country, Prime Minister Rama emphasized the increased prices of hotels in the south of the country. Rama says that there is little to be done by the municipalities regarding the management of the free market, but he also takes the example of Lezha, which has set ceiling prices for umbrellas, in order not to exceed them.

Rama says that it is important for tourist operators to find a golden medium between the service they offer and the price.

"The economy is affected by the stupidity of setting prices, which make it much easier to go to Greece, Montenegro or Croatia than to stay in Dhermi. It is true that Dhërmiu is wonderful, but we are still far from guaranteeing the quality of services. those who guarantee quality should have lower prices than someone who opens a door and charges 200-300 euros a night, it is illogical. Looking at the attendance map there are strong contradictions along the list. It is neither your fault nor your competence, but a role you have to take on. Lezha has set a ceiling price, since the price of umbrellas cannot be increased beyond the ceiling. It is overcrowded in Lezha. If you see the flags of the various countries that have been added to the group of tourists in that area, you understand that the thing must have a balance between what it offers and what it pays. I want to underline the need to focus more on the content of the season from an artistic point of view. We are lacking in the offer for children. This is the most evident", said Rama.