Rama after the progress report: We know that Albania, even if others wanted it, is not ready. However, Europe has no appetite for enlargement

Rama after the progress report: We know that Albania, even if others wanted it,

Today, Prime Minister Rama held a press conference with Ambassador Luigi Soreca. The conference comes a day after the publication of the European Commission's progress report.

"The report we receive today is another in a series of several times already, where the commission reaffirms its conviction that Albania has met all the conditions to formally start what has been decided in the European Council, and to undertake together with EU mediation discussion.

I want to emphasize something that I have always done, in all instances and in the high-level forums and in my bilateral meetings, that we find in the European Commission a fair, impartial, rigorous partner who values ??progress based on in field fact research. For this reason, I will repeat today, there is no similar structure in any of the capitals of the member states that can compete in terms of the quality of research and judgment of the EU delegation in our country. Because this is a big team that monitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The progress report is for us the guiding document, everything else is politics.

First, the report objectively seals that Albania comes with an indisputable electoral process in terms of integrity. Second, that Albania has continued to make progress on key reforms, those of state-building and the consolidation of institutions. Public administration reform is seen as a progressive process, where the fight against corruption is seen as a progressive process, where a balanced policy in terms of gender equality is underlined and evaluated, where our efforts to approximate the legislative framework with the EU are noticed and appreciated, where market efforts are seen as an evolving process. These are the key points. On the other hand, the progress report is not just a document that makes positive assessments, but also highlights the issues that need to be addressed. We know that the Albania we speak today, even if others wanted it,