Rama warns of an increase in the price of energy during the summer

Rama warns of an increase in the price of energy during the summer

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared from the floor of the Assembly that the discussion on the electricity issue will be reopened in the summer.

The head of the government emphasized that until now the increase in this price is covered by the government.

"I am reminding all those who follow us that today the electricity bill for all families and small businesses and the vast majority of businesses is still in the hands of the government. What families pay is not the real value of the bill. Albanian families and small businesses pay exactly what they were paying at the price before the crisis.

The price of energy in the international market has fallen, but it has not returned to where it was. The government had and has the full will to pay. With the arrival of summer, consumption will increase and we will have to reopen the bandage discussion. Today we are in these conditions that we continue to pay. If we were having a languishing economy, where a figure is taken here and a figure is taken there like that fairy tale of that species that wanted to beautify, then of course this wage increase cannot be done. The economy has grown, contrary to what has been said," said Rama.