Rama from the Assembly: Parliament will stop being crazy and free speech will be restored

Rama from the Assembly: Parliament will stop being crazy and free speech will be

At the Assembly of the Socialist Party, Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke about the Parliament and the return to normality. Rama said that the Law Commission will create an equal mechanism between the majority and the minority for integration laws.

"I am glad that the Assembly will stop being the madness of the last walls and at least the word will be restored instead of its violation, which hit the Parliament's image worse, which even without the last violation was not so good .

Perhaps the restoration of the word will create space to communicate and not just for everyone to speak for themselves. However, our majority should put in the Law Commission a draft resolution for a big public debate regarding the national challenges of EU membership and the reforms that Albania should undertake without wasting time. I did not speak on purpose about the number of challenges, as they are not challenges of the government alone, but of the three governing institutions in Albania and all 147 institutions that interact directly with the European Commission.

The latest development for the return of the Parliament to normality as well as the creation in the Laws Commission of a mechanism that enables equal confrontation between the majority and the minority for the undertaking of legal initiatives should go in the right direction of the challenges not as a government but as a state. These days there was talk of bargains, agreements with the nongrata to the detriment of justice and our recognition of the gentleman on the balcony as the leader of the DP, just as there was talk of fear of the socialists from SPAK and secret plans to bring them under control of new justice. They are all broccoli", said Rama.