Rama: The oil found in Shpirag is of the highest quality, the same as that of Saudi Arabia

Rama: The oil found in Shpirag is of the highest quality, the same as that of

Prime Minister Edi Rama has given a statement to the media regarding the research for oil extraction in Shpirag. The Prime Minister says that after 10 years of work, a large reserve of high-quality oil has been touched and according to analyzes it is compared to the oil of Saudi Arabia.

"The reserve is there, at 2,002 km deep underground. The reserve was affected after a very difficult exploration and a massive investment made due to the repeated breakage of the probes, as a result of the geological formation. The water, which is under the reserve, has not yet been mentioned, which presumes that the size of the reserve could be even greater. We cannot talk about concrete figures. The information at this stage is not confidential itself, but without receiving the result of the final test that determines whether the extraction of this asset is reasonable from a financial point of view. If it were more expensive than the benefit, it is understood that the reserve remains there for another time when technology can advance to dimensions that are not present today. Although shell has used the latest technology. The test will start in October and the results are based on tracking the stability of the flow coming out on the surface. The discovered oil is of the highest quality, the first time this has happened in our country. "According to the analyzes done in the Netherlands, the oil is of the first quality of Saudi Arabia's premium oil," said the prime minister.