Rama by video message: I signed 15 confiscation procedures for constructions without permission

Rama by video message: I signed 15 confiscation procedures for constructions

Through a video message, Prime Minister Rama announced that today he signed 15 procedures for the confiscation of constructions without permission, which will be used for public interest.

"Today, after going through all the legal links, I signed a total of 15 construction confiscation procedures, where the legal limits of the permits were exceeded for profit purposes or in some cases it was built without a permit at all. Confiscated buildings will be used for public interest. The spaces obtained will be transferred to the state, which, as the case may be, will use them for office premises for the administration, for social housing or social services.

This law enforcement operation, which has continued beyond Tirana, in an area where you know very well, everyone has had many problems in 30 years, and where we have been narrowing the circle of violations, is also the cover of this story, since I believe that there will be more people like that to enter an adventure with a forewarned end.

When we started, what didn't we hear and what wasn't the public opinion poisoned with?

"It's just a show to divert attention"! That was not true.

"It is a bargain with the oligarchs to return the legalized meters and floors without permission"! That wasn't true either.

"It is amnesty to save them from legal punishment"! This is also a big lie, because the government does not have the legal power to amnesty anyone, even if it wants to, and confiscations do not give anyone immunity from justice.

The truth is that for all this, the papers have been sleeping in the district prosecutor's offices for a long time. Unfortunately, we live in a time of moral inferiority and the dissolution of ethical norms, where information mirrors are the most screaming examples of misinformation and where half-truths, which are also the biggest lies, constantly fill the communication channels," said Rama.