Rama with students in Shkodra: The future is not work in the state, but employment through technology

Rama with students in Shkodra: The future is not work in the state, but

Prime Minister Edi Rama was this afternoon in Shkodra, where he consulted with public education students.

During the discussion Rama assured them of building a new strategy for the youth that will be a guide until 2029. Adding that the future is not work in the state, because it is a limited field of employment.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the need to create a "start-up" where you can be employed through technology.

"The future is not work in the state, but it is a very limited field of employment. Together we can all create a start-up and this is not fantasy. Get hired through technology. A student who finishes school in France goes through several interviews to get the job and does not always get it. We must have the capacity to create more than one sun field for young people so that they do not stumble upon the lack of demand in that field.

The other aspect that was brought here is that we need to create an extra program for extracurricular activities. We are working to have a national program for school sports by creating the conditions for those who want to do sports. We will also make the craft program part of the curricula. We want to create in schools the opportunity for children to deal with the land, cultivate vegetables, fruits and enter the field of knowledge about agriculture.

"As far as I understand, it is not a small answer of yours that they want to turn volunteering into something ordinary and there should be a recognition by the institutions" - said Rama.