Rama gathers the leaders of the Municipalities: August will be challenging, be prepared

Rama gathers the leaders of the Municipalities: August will be challenging, be

The Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, had a meeting with the leaders of the municipalities, regarding the preparedness and civil emergency measures regarding the fire situation this summer season.

Rama warned the mayors that every centimeter of Albania is at risk of fires and the month of August will be very challenging. For this reason, Rama warned them to mobilize as much as possible so as not to pin their hopes on the ministry.

"Fires are a serious problem. The main reason why we are here together is that it cannot be handled only by the Ministry of Defense and Civil Emergencies. Because civil protection is the responsibility of all levels of government. Both the central level and the local level. And some municipalities show that this is the case. Where the local government reacts proactively and doesn't just pick up the phone and say look we have a fire here come get the helicopter. But this story of the helicopter needs to be understood well, that the response is escalated and in all over the world it starts at the local level, it starts with those local workers who start work when there is an emergency.

You consider the damage that is created yourself. They burn with one fire more than are planted in years, so we have to be on the alert all the time. Irrigation infrastructure, drainage, reservoir dams, all those parts of preventive, protective investments against natural disasters is not all. This has to do with the floods, thanks to the commitment of a number of mayors, where the example is the mayor of Fier with a titanic job, which was also flooded in the city area.

August will be very challenging, so we want not some but all to be engaged. Here, all 28,000 square kilometers of Albania are at risk from fires and all municipalities must be ready for the first response," said Rama.