Rama: This is the best tourist season and the discipline of the vessels is not a word of mouth

Rama: This is the best tourist season and the discipline of the vessels is not a

In a long status on Twitter, Prime Minister Rama has reacted once again to the serious incident that happened on the beach of Potami yesterday. Rama says that this has been the most organized tourist season, but the management of water resources is a separate challenge, as a tourism innovation in Albania.

"This is the most organized, most orderly and cleanest tourist season ever thanks to the hard work that we started since last September! Until yesterday, it was also the calmest and safest season, with public beaches and a network of beach watchers. organized beach like never before!

Yesterday's tragedy has shocked young and old and has created a serious feeling of concern, while the State Police is taking all measures to react much more strongly to the challenge of guaranteeing legal order not only in road traffic, but also the watery one.

The vision of tourism Albania and the ambition that this will be the decade of our country's return to the regional champion of tourism is also related to the high growth of vessels and the challenge of their discipline, which is not a word of mouth in a country where until yesterday they didn't exist!

The dismissal of the entire body of the Vlora border directorate and the establishment of an increased focus on water circulation are the right steps that will be followed by other steps, in the conditions where the annual increase in the number of vessels constitutes a constant challenge for everyone!" said Rama.

Yesterday, around 2:00 p.m., a boat driven by a Commissioner hit a 7-year-old girl to death on the shore after losing control of the vehicle.

Gladis Nano announced the dismissal of commissioner Arjan Tase who caused the fatal accident.

A few hours later it unloaded the entire waterline steering and control chain.