Rama: These days the decision to open online betting is approved

Rama: These days the decision to open online betting is approved

Prime Minister Edi Rama participated today in the honoring ceremony of 7 Albanian athletes, who represented the country in weightlifting, skiing, wrestling, boxing, billiards and bodybuilding.

During his speech, Rama said that these days the decision to open online betting will be approved and that the income from this activity will go to sports, culture and technology.

"The other is that we will soon move to the approval, these days we will put the approval of online betting on the agenda. We, as experience shows, have not been able to stop it, just as other countries have not done it. Instead of remaining an activity informal where black money circulates, to be an activity where large international companies will enter and to have guarantees for the players.

All revenues, according to the law, will go to sports and technology. In the law, we have made it clear that this money will be focused only on this part and the destination will not be changed.

We will have a national supervisory board, the head of the KOKSH, the head of the AFF, etc., will be there to divide the income for sports and culture. The fund is considerable, according to forecasts. The sports movement from below, with all federations, will grow. We are focused on men's and women's basketball and volleyball," said the Prime Minister.