Rama rejects the accusations of cooperation with Berisha for the establishment of investigative commissions

Rama rejects the accusations of cooperation with Berisha for the establishment

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted to X regarding the agreement reached between the majority and the Reestablishment deputies for the establishment of investigative commissions. Rama says that the establishment of investigative commissions for the TIMS system cannot be rejected by the government if it is done within the legal framework, as he has silenced the hints that described the agreement as a bargain and cooperation with "non-women".

The reaction of the Prime Minister on Twitter: All the useful idiots have gone to the social media channels to say that we have to swallow what we said and we are cooperating with Non Grata, why do we agree that, according to the framework established by the Constitutional Court, we approve investigative commissions within this frame! Yes, we have said this dozens of times, since we refused to approve requests to set up investigative commissions outside that framework! And if members of the Assembly who collect the signatures to set up an investigative commission make the request within that framework, we have neither the right, nor the reason, nor the opportunity to reject it. And whenever this happens, our vote is certainly in favor! What is there to draw attention to except the need to poison the public with completely baseless accusations and slander about medemek "the deal with Non Grata", which simply does not exist? We have also been saying for some time now about the bipartisan Electoral Reform Commission, if it does not produce anything but their quarrels and clamor until the deadline, the commission will also be closed and this work will be left to the Assembly, where it was not achieved can there be any understanding for changes to the law and there are no numbers in the hall to vote for changes, we will go to the elections with the law we have. We have not changed any attitude or opinion about this either. So where is this bazaar and where does Non Grata come in?! Ah, if those who would burn the parliament have changed their minds and want to return to work, we neither can prevent them, nor do we want to prevent them from reflecting, on the contrary, we are glad that they do. That's all and we are who we were, where we were, with the same attitudes we had, not because it is wrong to change an attitude, but because there is nothing to change in our attitude. It's a wonder that they couldn't learn that the Socialist Party is always three steps ahead and in the end all the empty rounds end at the point where they start, three steps behind us.