Rama warns: We will face income with lifestyle

Rama warns: We will face income with lifestyle

Prime Minister Edi Rama during a press conference has warned that there will be a comparison of income and lifestyle, explaining that: You can not have income X and have a car house that is never made with that income.

Rama also stated that intensive work is being done regarding contracts in support of employees and employers.

During his speech he announced that after a monitoring by the government after the wage publication scandal, an increase in the average salary has been noticed. Rama added that the employees did not receive the declared salary, but more.

"In today's conditions, where there is a situation burdened due to the consequences of the war, in the whole trade chain, and on prices, which we have all noticed, is a time when those who are more should definitely contribute. moreover, that the burden be shared as fairly as possible and moreover it is a time when all businesses should take a step further to normalize the relations with their employees to format their salaries, and not to eat the pension of them, how can the other's pension be eaten ?!

We will do intensive work related to contracts, the ministry has started with some specific cases and we are working, to support employees and help employers for contracts guaranteed by both parties.

We can not have contracts like the ones we have verified. in risky sectors more than half have exceeded the minimum wage as a result of this correction.

We will go further in dealing with declared wages by lifestyle, this applies to those who receive high wages and who avoid declarations in various ways, there is an adjustment to be made, by closing that space where is played by individuals to appear as physical subjects, but beyond that we will walk through checks aimed at finding gaps between the declaration of newcomers and the lifestyle.

You can not have income X and have car houses that are never made with that income

We will turn this support into legal measures that the minister will talk about ", said Rama.