Rama: Road axes with adjacent sinks and sand constructions. Intolerable permits, police to demand accountability

Rama: Road axes with adjacent sinks and sand constructions. Intolerable permits,

In the meeting for the protection of the territory and the new role that the state police will have, regarding the controls and construction permits, Prime Minister Rama said that it is intolerable that near the road axes, there are businesses that use space to expand their activity. posing a risk of accidents: Also damaging the image of tourism.

Edi Rama:

Tourist areas are like the apple of our eye for Albania. They are the basis of development in view of the future. We can not continue to accept the inertia of a control that of course if we turn our head to 6-7 years ago has no comparison. But if we look at the function of the future it is unacceptable in terms of weakness.

Also protected areas, national roads. I do not know which of you explains to me that while you have an obligation or more precisely an obligation in terms of road traffic, accident prevention, national roads in certain segments are clearly high risk areas because on the sides their activities are carried out without any respect for a minimum protection of those who circulate.

There are still fewer areas than before, but there are still areas between activity x licensed or allowed with permission against the law from years and years ago, something inherited that we have nothing to do today but open new axes, and the road axis where construction materials are placed, car cemeteries, nurseries, sinks, bathtubs and no respect for road safety, environment and image of this Albania.

It is intolerable, there are street sales activities from discs that have a business there and put tractors, motorcycles and people come and go at the intersection for trade, this should be unacceptable, impermissible and definitely punishable as impermissible for those businesses. that if they have a permit to have a warehouse or building in violation of that article of the code which prohibits any kind of permit 20 meters from the road, which has been done massively in the past they should at least respect as much as the rest is permissible, obligations that the state has to guarantee traffic safety.

Dhe detyrimi që kemi për të krijuar një imazh sa më të kulturuar higjienik të këtij vendi që e quajmë turistik. Por nëse kjo nuk bëhet pjesë e horizontit dhe e mendësisë së drejtuesve të qarkullimit rrugor ëhtë betejë e humbur. Janë ata të parët sipas zonave dhe segmenteve. Kjo shfarosi fenomenin e kultivimit masiv të kanabisit, nuk është polici që erdhi nga hëna, është kjo polici e shtetit. Atëherë pse nuk u bëka e njëjta me një aktivitet që është shumë më i lexueshëm për sytë e gjithë trupës së policisë. Bëhet fjalë për ndëtime në rërë. Pse u bëka për një fshtar në majë të malit dhe nuk u bëka për ata që ndërtojnë buzë detit?

It is enough to see Velipoja to understand what I am saying and not an area from the inside but in the sand, on the shore, then what is the value and morality of going to the top of Kallmet for an Avlli when in the sand of Velipoja the other eats territories all without permission? What about Saranda? How were stones thrown on the shore and no one saw them? How does the sea fill with stones to make moles and clubs? When it falls on my ear, the stones are removed. So I got the job done.

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