Rakacolli: We have strong doubts about the entry of the delta variant in Albania, but not yet confirmed

Rakacolli: We have strong doubts about the entry of the delta variant in

Deputy Minister of Health Mira Rakacolli, invited to "Report TV", said that her department suspects that the Indian "delta" variant of the coronavirus may have spread in our country given the fact that it is present in neighboring countries and from an increase in the number of infected over the last two days.

However, Rakacolli underlines that so far it is about allusions, while a confirmed case with the delta variant in the territory of our country has not been registered yet. She added that vaccination is the only way to end the pandemic, which is not over yet.

"We have strong doubts about the Delta variant, but we do not have official confirmation yet. In the analysis that is done, the specialists say that there are signals that should be from Delta, but we are waiting for a confirmation in laboratories that make these analyzes more detailed. situation, where there are confirmations in Kosovo, Greece and Macedonia, there is no way not to have in Albania, but things must be confirmed to be published.

We are on alert to see what will happen because despite the stable situation of this last month, we have a slight increase in cases. But we have to wait to see the trend of how things will go. The most important monitoring indicator of the situation is the number of fatalities and patients in intensive care. We can not say that the virus is weaker in this period. You can not judge the aggressiveness of the virus with as much spread as they have been during this period, but with the analysis done is very obvious the role of vaccines in this situation. We have an increase in cases, it does not matter what the variant is, the important thing is that the measures are the same for everyone. The increase of cases is worrying and we have to run through the vaccination centers, every citizen must continue the measures and order towards the vaccination. said, among others, Deputy Minister Rakacolli.