Government postpones 'Beccheti' commission of inquiry

Government postpones 'Beccheti' commission of inquiry

After the meeting of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla clarified the decisions on the issue of investigative commissions. The Becchetti Commission of Inquiry will be postponed.

"I enter into the official arguments that I have received from the institution that protects the interests of the country in these processes. We have been informed that there is a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights. The court has administered with a decision that all documentation is confidential so as not to harm the interests of the parties ", said Balla.

"Our position regarding the establishment of investigative commissions, I want to inform you that three requests have come from the DP. One of the requests naturally contradicts the decision of the Constitutional Court that has clarified the approaches, the minority has the right to set up a commission of inquiry and the establishment of a commission of inquiry is not questioned, but when the request goes against the Constitution, I think it falls into contrary to the interests of Albania in relation to some lawsuits that Albania is conducting. The biggest interest that should prevail is the interest of Albania.

Albania must continue to defend its interests and this has been the suggestion of the state's lawyer, who requests that this case be postponed and once Albania has proceeded in the legal process for this issue we can set up this commission in a second moment.

I will maintain the full position of the majority in the plenary session on this issue. The insistence of the Albanian Parliament, which belongs to both the left and the right, could jeopardize the progress of the process. "It was confidential requested by both parties", said Balla.