Psychiatrist Rreli: Visits by young people, murders by people with personality disorders have increased

Psychiatrist Rreli: Visits by young people, murders by people with personality

The number of visits to a psychiatrist has increased significantly in the last two years. In an interview, psychiatrist Arjana Rreli says she expects an average of about 25 patients a day who seek help and most of them are mostly young. The psychiatrist identifies anxiety disorders as a result of daily stress as a result of increased visits, but also mental health problems that appear in a more severe form.

Arjan Rreli for ABC:

'We can say that during this year the requests to have an evaluation by a psychiatrist continue to increase. But help is also sought after from other mental health professionals because the problems have increased. I can say that on average, about 25 people a day show up for help for the first time '.

As for the recent murders that occurred in Albania, mainly those within families, psychiatry says that the acts are committed by persons with personality disorders, who have not been identified in time.

'Crime is the finalization of a very big conflict, both interpersonal and psychological. Such an extreme where people's lives are not only questioned, but also finalized with death is the pinnacle of problems that may have psychological problems on the ground, or deep complications of psychiatric problems that may be untreated. I would say that these people are part of the group of personality disorders'.

She appeals to citizens to be aware of their problems and to visit a psychiatrist, as they can discover problems hidden over the years.

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