Why do I believe that there will not be a stronger earthquake?

Why do I believe that there will not be a stronger earthquake?

After the panic caused by two earthquakes in a row this evening in the country, with the epicenter in Burrel, Sazan Guri has written a clarifying and relieving status, where he shows why he does not believe that there will be stronger tremors.

"The term 5.2 magnitude or Richter magnitude, which is about 6.5 Merkali destruction points.

1. For me there is no place for panic at all.

2. Very common terms for today's buildings.

3. They say that there have been many these days, so I was not alone; good sign.

4. It may be the maximum of those that fell before, which means that the others will be smaller.

5. They said a variant that is shallow, so with a depth of about 1000m, in this case it has to be 'triggered' or due to mining-based reasons and they cannot be bigger than what happened, but this variant is also difficult, because such earthquakes are not produced for these reasons.

6. But it is being discovered that it comes from a depth of 10,000m, so it is basically a tectonic fault that should be related to the fractures of the tectonic zone of Dibra, and better that there are lower magnitudes of earthquakes compared to that of Montenegro or the Shkoder Peje fault, which has higher dimensions", writes environmentalist Sazan Guri.