PS 12 years later: We have not given up on January 21

PS 12 years later: We have not given up on January 21

12 years after the four murders on Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard, the Socialist Party has started the day with a press conference.

State Minister Elisa Spiropali said during the conference that the trust for the missing justice lies in the new justice.

Spiropal's word:

Everyone knows that on January 21 there was no accidental death, but state murder. But the publication yesterday of the transcript of an audio that talks about firearms and readiness to fire as soon as the protesters cross the fence, while the four martyrs of that dark day were killed far away from the fence of the Prime Minister's Office, requires the immediate reaction of the justice authorities.

This is a new fact that screams very loudly for justice on behalf of the victims, orphans, family members and the bloody democracy itself on January 21.

I am not here to do politics today, on the day of the tributes that will be made today with a new glimmer of hope that the new justice will immediately open the investigation of the case.

I am here to say that we have not given up and will never give up justice for January 21, but we demand justice from justice. Today even more because those voices from the cave of the murders of that tragic day, speak for themselves even more than all our words.

On January 21, 2011, during a Socialist Party protest, Martyrs of the Nation Ziver Veizi, Faik Myrtaj, Aleks Nika and Hekuran Deda were killed on Boulevard.