Fugue proposal to cope with the energy crisis: We waste energy consumers in our homes because the builders are not affected to make collective heating

Fugue proposal to cope with the energy crisis: We waste energy consumers in our

Well-known academic Artan Fuga, in an interview for "News 24" spoke about the energy crisis, suggesting that to cope with it is not only the support of families in need and production, but also the management and structuring of agencies that do production and distribution. of electricity.

Fuga proposes that a good idea for coping with it would be to cut off energy exports and make corporate finance transparent as it will bring positive consequences.

Fuga also said that energy consumption in Albanian society is often abusive because builders are not affected to make collective heating.

"There is a misunderstanding of Albanian politics on what it does and on what financial institutions recommend. Of course, families in need who can not afford an increase in the price of electricity should be protected and supported, but it should be seen that in these developed countries of the European Union this is not the only thing that is done.

This goes hand in hand with the structural reformulation of all energy sources. their in the long run, but also the impact that the use of energies has on polluting the environment and bringing about extraordinary climate imbalances and I certainly understand that we go to production, but I consider this to be an outdated 19th century mentality because yes as much as production matters and content management, the radical structuring of agencies which distribute electricity or transmit electricity or other materials.It has to do with what is called equilibrium and market sounding against monopolies it has to do with the relationship between the state and politics and the agendas which produce transmit and distribute.

Të ndërpritet çdo lloj eksporti i energjisë për një kohë të caktuar dhe të bëhet transparenca e financave të korporatave. Jam i bindur që është një rrugë e rëndësishme që mendoj se do të ketë pasoja pozitive. Retorika politike si ajo e sotmja në parlament është si për fushata elektorale. Janë gjëra që kanë 30 vite që thuhen. Nuk kanë asnjë efekt pozitiv. Buxheti i një familje shqiptarë në masë 85% janë në atë pikë që nuk kanë më dhjamë për të tretur. Kryeministri tha se shqiptarët kanë kursime. Kush i ka ato? Sa përqind e popullsisë? 10%? Unë dua një shoqëri të zhvilluar me këto burime që kemi.

The model of energy consumption in our country is a way that I can call energy waste, we also have what is called temp insulation of apartments for black pages, we have personal heating with electricity because the builders can not be affected that to make collective heating because other expenses are required. ”