The prosecution releases the forensic expertise of Lear Kurti: Death was caused by an overdose of Cocaine

The prosecution releases the forensic expertise of Lear Kurti: Death was caused

The prosecution has revealed the forensic report of the death of Lear Kurti. The official cause of death was ischemia and cardiac arrest, induced by an overdose of cocaine.


The Prosecutor's Office of the Judicial District of Tirana has administered the forensic examination act no. 494/22 dated 14.11.2022, regarding the causes of death of the citizen Lear Kurti.

In response to the act of medical-legal expertise, the Anatomo-Pathological diagnosis is determined:

Acute overdose with cocaine-type narcotics. We were acute hypoxia of the myocardium accompanied by contraction and deformation of myofibrils, pronounced edema of the brain, vasal stasis and capillary extravasation, atelectasis and compensatory emphysema of the lung, persistent chronic hepatitis.

The cause of death of citizen Lear Kurti was acute poisoning (overdose) with narcotics of the cocaine type, complicated by toxic shock, with the mechanism of acute myocardial ischemia that resulted in cardiac asystole (immediate cardiac arrest).

How did the event happen?

On the evening of October 19, in the Don Bosco area, the Police attempted to conduct a routine check on Lear Kurti. The young man did not respond to the Police command, running. The police chased him until they caught him to escort him to the region. On the way to the Police van, Lear Kurti felt bad and was then taken to the Trauma Hospital where, despite efforts to revive him, he did not succeed. According to Trauma, the young man arrived at the hospital without signs of life.