Police appeal to drivers: Beware of some road segments, there are falling rocks and dirt

Police appeal to drivers: Beware of some road segments, there are falling rocks

The State Police has informed the drivers to be careful on some road axes of the country, where there is increased presence of water due to bad weather.

The police report also states that care should be taken in some rural segments as there is falling soil and stones and also the presence of fog.

Police Notice:

Due to bad weather, where in some road axes there is water on the road, in some rural segments there is soil and rocks and the presence of fog, Traffic Police Services in cooperation with the General Patrols of Police Commissariats in the regions are taking measures to prevent road accidents and the continuity of vehicle traffic.

The Traffic Police appeals to drivers to show caution, to drive at low speeds, to fasten their seat belts, not to make any wrong overtaking and dangerous maneuvers on the road, not to use their mobile phones while driving, not to drive under the influence of alcohol or in a drunken state, to be attentive and to follow the instructions of the employees of the Police and other state authorities in cases of roadblocks or diversion.

Traffic Police services throughout the country are on full alert and present on all road axes, to come to the aid of drivers in need.

In any case, the Traffic Police service is on standby to ensure the flow of traffic and the provision of automobile assistance and in this context the State Police invites citizens to report to 112 of the Digital Commissariat any violation of traffic rules, guaranteeing the anonymity of complete and immediate and impartial response.