Police officers have until June 30 for self-declaration

Police officers have until June 30 for self-declaration

With a new Order, the Director of Police, Rrumbullaku, has set June 30 as the deadline for filling out the self-declaration form for State Police employees.

Order of the Round

"The sound integrity of the State Police employees and the cleansing of the structures from elements within us, who violate the law and the oath, is a priority and important process. No one who violates loyalty to the sacred uniform of the State Police will have a place in its structures. I am fully convinced that the State Police organization has the right strength and positive energy to isolate and remove from its ranks anyone who deviates from the mission of maintaining public order and security and the uncompromising fight against crime".

The integrity verification process will start with the self-declaration of State Police employees regarding security data such as:

· Conviction or not with a final judicial decision by the Albanian or foreign judicial authorities, or with a non-final judicial decision for a criminal case unresolved with a final judicial decision;

· Violation or non-compliance with classified information security rules and attempted or non-authorized activity on classified information communication systems;

· Being or not under investigation or trial by Albanian or foreign authorities for criminal offenses;

· Being or not detained or arrested by Albanian or foreign law enforcement bodies for criminal offenses;

· The assignment or not of any coercive measure of personal security;

· Whether or not to issue a national or international criminal search warrant;

· Having or not having inappropriate contacts, electronic communications or any other way of meeting or intentionally communicating with persons involved in organized crime;

· Acceptance or exchange, or not, of money, favors, gifts or assets with persons involved in organized crime.

Based on the order of the Director Madhor Muhamet Rrumbullaku, the self-declaration process will last until 30.06.2024 and the employees of the State Police will also declare the termination of legal work relations with the State Police, for incorrect filling or data untruths in the self-declaration form.