Two young people were wounded with firearms in Tirana

Two young people were wounded with firearms in Tirana

An armed attack took place around 17:00 in the area known as the former Bus Park in Tirana.

Police reports that two young men, Aleksandër Nikolli, about 27 years old, and Xhulio Vela, about 25 years old, were injured in still unclear circumstances.

The two injured have been sent to hospital for medical examination, details of their condition have not yet been given.


At around 17:00, at the intersection of “Ndre Mjeda” and “Frosina Plaku” streets, in still unclear circumstances, the citizens AN, about 27 years old and Xh. V, about 25 years old, who are in the hospital, under the care of doctors.

"Police services have set up checkpoints and are checking the area around the scene, in order to identify and apprehend the perpetrator. At the same time, the investigative team is working to gather all the evidence that will lead to the identification of the perpetrator and the full documentation of the event.