Investigations into Klodian Çalamani end: He sexually abused 8-year-old before killing him

Investigations into Klodian Çalamani end: He sexually abused 8-year-old
The prosecution has closed the investigation into the macabre murder of 8-year-old Mateo Vasiu by 38-year-old Klodian Çalamani. At the end of the investigation, it was confirmed that Çalamani initially sexually abused the minor and then killed him.

In the analysis of all the evidence gathered, it is proven that the defendant, before committing the criminal offense of "Murder in qualifying circumstances against a minor" provided by Article 79 letter "a", initially consumed the criminal offense of " Sexual or homosexual intercourse with minors with violence, provided by article 100/2 of the Criminal Code ", it is stated in the notification of the prosecution.

How did the event happen?

It was the mother of the minor, Florida who at 15:30 made the report to the police, as her son had disappeared and there was no trace of her. After the denunciation, the police officers started the investigation and from the security cameras it was revealed that the juvenile's last communication was with Çalaman, his neighbor. Based on this, the officers went to the apartment, where the young man was seen worried, which raised suspicions of the Police, and as a result he was escorted to the police station.

During the interrogation, he surrendered and admitted the monstrous crime, where in addition to killing him, he also buried him in the backyard. Officers returned once again to the young man's apartment and found the dead body of an 8-year-old covered in mud. The juvenile was barbarically hit twice with a shovel on the head, blows that have been fatal, taking his life.