For those who do not fall asleep early: What not to do to avoid endangering well-being

For those who do not fall asleep early: What not to do to avoid endangering

If you are one of those people who sleeps late at night, you have to adjust both life and work, which means that you have two options: Either find a flexible schedule to work so that you are not deprived of morning sleep, or work the traditional schedule 9 me 5.

Our society was created to match the natural flow of sleep and wakefulness, to be more productive during the day.

This means that if you stay up late because you do not get up early and meanwhile you will have to wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning, daily life becomes very difficult and it affects health, so much so that it can cause depression. According to a recent study in Britain, people who have late-night sleep patterns need to do the full cycle required by their body. If they are forced to wake up too early, even though their body needs more hours of sleep, it hurts them. Depression is more likely to occur as well as well-being.

Researchers at the University of Exeter say some people find it natural to go to bed late, while others go to bed early and wake up early.

Experts suggest that those who sleep late, or the so-called 'night owl', should work on adapting to their body's natural schedule, first doing the full sleep cycle and then preparing for day-to-day activities, such as work. They say that people should not strain and go out of their bodily nature if they want to have a good state of health.

There have been numerous studies showing that people should follow a regular sleep regime, but there are people who have a different diet, and for this they need to adjust their daily routine so as not to be affected by insomnia.

Dr. Jessica Tyrrell, one of the study's authors, says: The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a new flexibility in work patterns for many people. Our study shows that aligning work schedules with the body's natural clock can improve mental health and well-being, especially in those who sleep late. '

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